5 sexy ideas for a datenight at home

We all know it’s safer to stay at home right now, so grabbing a drink or going to see a movie together is not a cool option. We’ll just have to amuse ourselves at home and we know that doesn’t have to be boring at all! Okay, so it can get a bit boring to be in the same place for so long, but there are so many things to explore, especially when you don’t have to go anywhere! We’ve selected 5 of the best tips for you for having a hot datenight at home.

  1. Roleplay

How hot is it to meet each other for the first time- again- , pretending you haven’t met before? You should try this with your partner, maybe pretend he’s the pizza delivery guy. The very hot pizza delivery guy of course! Start seducing him at the door and ask him to grab a slice with you, he earned it by working so hard all night right? The sexual tension fills the air, you get to know each other, one thing leads to another and before you know it you are enjoying a one-night-stand you will never forget. The morning after you just wake up with your partner, like he’s never been gone at all.

  1. Perform a striptease

Don’t tell him what you are up to before you start this naughty plan. Just slip into something more comfortable, wear something that makes you feel sexy, prep the room and then surprise him with a sexy dance show. Tease him by dancing seductively, have sexy eye contact and remove your clothes very, very slowly. You will drive him wild and he will be super excited when you are naked in the end. This will be a hot night!

  1. Organise a theme night

Do you like to think big and do you feel like something completely different? Why don’t you organise a theme night! Let’s look at the Spanish theme for example. Make some delicious tapas together and share these while drinking your favorite Spanish wine. Put some romantic Spanish music on to get an even more Spanish feel to it. After dinner you relax on the couch together and enjoy a fun Spanish movie, while drinking some sangria. It’s bound to get romantic!

  1. Spa @ home

Is going to a spa together really your thing? Why don’t you bring wellness into your own home and escape daily life together. Fill up the tub and light lots of candles. Choose some scrub creams and masks and put them in reach to do some extra skin spoiling. And relaxing in the hot bath is just the first part of the night. You will have the (hot)massage oil ready at your bed so you can start giving each other massages. And after those, oh well, you’re not at the spa, so anything can happen!

  1. Try new positions

You are together a lot right now, maybe even all the time. Don’t get bored, get adventurous!  Break your old sex routine and try out new positions! Start an online search or go through a Kama Sutra book to search for some new hot positions you haven’t tried before. They might seem complicated or a bit crazy even, but who knows: this might be just the position that stimulates your sexy spot  even extra! Be creative and open, enjoy the fun of it! Because that’s what sex should be: fun!

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