Having an orgasm when you sleep, it’s a thing!

“Yes. Yeeees. Ooooh yes!”, wow this orgasm was unreal! And you didn’t even have to work for it, because it happened while you were asleep. Climaxing while you are sleeping is really a thing! Here’s how you can experience one.

You´re in bed, very comfortable, almost asleep. Then, you start to feel it. It’s building up inside and before you know it you wake up squirming in pleasure. you just had an orgasm in your sleep. Have you ever heard of it? It was quite new for us, but now we know, it is really a thing!

Sleeporgasms for women ages 40+

According to a study more than 37%(!) women have experienced sleeping orgasms by the time they turn 45. It’s less often when they are younger, so it appears that the real pleasure starts after you turn the big Four-Oh. It’s because you are more experienced and more comfortable with your body. Do you really need a man for sexual pleasure? Talking about men, they do experience them too, but up to their thirties. After they turn 30 it’s basically over with the sleep orgasms.

So, how does it work?

There are several influential aspects; like the way your body is positioned, how you feel about yourself and how long it has been since you had an orgasm. If you had sex in the 24 hours prior you will probably not experience one in your sleep. But if it’s been a long while since you were pleasured sexually, your mind can help you out.

How to induce a sleep orgasm?

Be sure to refrain from climaxing for a while, and it also helps to be really tired. Be sure to sleep on your stomach, this is a good way to stimulate your brain.

Did it work? Let us know!

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