More orgasms for the ladies

The frequency of orgasm of heterosexual men is higher than the frequency of heterosexual women. But we can do something about that!

According to American researchers there is a big difference between the number of orgasms from men and women. They researched a group of 52.588 adults of which the majority was straight. It turned out that heterosexual men have an orgasm most frequent (95%) when they are intimate with someone, followed by gay men (89%), bi-sexual men (88%), lesbian women (86%) and heterosexual women (65%)

You want to pump up the frequency of your orgasms? According to female participants who had the most orgasms you need to do the following:

– have more oral sex;

– take time for having sex;

– be happy/satisfied about your relationship;

– say what you prefer in bed;

– have a phonecall/text/mail about what your sexual fantasies are;

– wear sexy lingerie;

– try new positions;

– try anal sex;

– make your fantasies reality;

– have sexy chats;

– show your sensitivity and love during having sex.

According to the female participants of the research, the possibility of having an orgasm is higher if you have intense kissing and if besides the genital stimulation also oral sex is part of it. The three ingredients to get a woman an orgasm.

What are you waiting for, let’s go!

There are plenty of other ways to get a satisfying orgasm. We have some great ideas how you can stimulate different orgasms. Check it here!

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